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22 Oct

Le Processus de Résection Trans-Uretrale de la Prostate


The process approach and the procedures are the vector of progression of the modern and evolutionary companies. Health care centre should be the most significant example of this concept. In this work, we study the process of Trans-Urethral Prostatic Resection (RTUP) in an information system.

This process integrates the creation of the patient folder, the collection of the data, the transmission of relevant information between the various actors, and the storage or ordering of the folder. For this study, we define initially the concepts of process, and information systems and present overall the process which we study. Then, we make a description more detailed of the RTUP by defining the various activities as well as the actors taking part, each one in his role, in these activities, using tables and modeling diagrams. We finish our study by appreciating the formalization of the process, and comparing the traditional system, managing the RTUP process, with the systems in conformity with the evolved standards, computerized, to account for the points to us to improve and evaluate the prospects of the aforesaid information system and its process of management for the patient file.

Mots clés :

Processus ; SI ; UML

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